Your Hands Are Shaking? What It Means And In What Way It Is Connected To Your Health


What is going on? Lately you notice your hands are shaking.

It is probably something not to worry about.

Mild hand instability is normal occurrence in every person and it is called physiological tremor.

Those mild vibrations can get worse, usually when you have drunk larger amount of coffee or if you are exposed to chronic stress.

Taking certain medications, as well as skipping a meal can also cause hand shaking.

During your forties or fifties you may experience a harmful yet very annoying disease called essential tremor.

Half of the people who have this health condition have had a family member who suffers from essential tremor. Medications can help but most of the people feel good even without them.

Essential tremor can rarely be sign to neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease.

If you notice your hands are shaking in state of rest or you notice problems with balance or coordination, the ebst thing to do is go to the doctor and check your health state.

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