Young/Spring Onion Makes Miracles – Three Most Powerful Properties Of This Vegetable’s Green Part


Alternative medicine believes young onion is extremely healthy ingredient which works wonderfully both internally and externally.

It helps against cold and blood pressure. However, young onion possesses anti-inflammatory properties as well, which means it also helps against stress, fatigue and fungi. Besides it is good for consuming, its healing properties can be gained in other ways too.

1. Swollen legs

Cook the young/spring onion for several minutes and then put it in a blender and mix it well. Since you need to get resulting paste-like mixture, if needed, add little bit of water. Apply the resulting paste on your legs. This recipe has been used for many years and it is extremely effective.

2. Inflamed throat

Chop the spring onion into small piece and add little bit of salt and grated ginger. Put the resulting mixture in cloth bag or towel and heat it. Wrap the warm coating in another towel and place it directly onto the throat. This coating can be used against inflamed throat, arms and chest.

3. Stuffy nose

Crush some young onion in order to get juice. Soak gauze or cotton wool in the onion juice and place it it the sinus and nose areas.

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