You Sweat Too Much? Learn The Cause Of It!


Sweating is a normal immune response to infection when the body temperature increases trying to kill bacteria or viruses. But you need to check if behind the excessive sweating a chronic problem is hiding.

Thyroid gland problems

Constant sweating can be a sign of hyperactive thyroid or hyperthyroidism. Thyroid gland secretes a hormone that controls the speed with which the body utilizes its energy reserves. When the thyroid gland produces too much hormone it can cause constant sweating. Hyperthyroidism causes weight loss and rapid heartbeat.


Sweating can be a side effect of antidepressants because they increase the level of stress hormone, which causes excessive sweating. Drugs for regulating blood pressure, medicines for colds and flu that contain pseudoephedrine, iron pills and antibiotics can all be the causes of this.

Hormone problems

Men who sweat at night are likely to have low testosterone levels. When the level of testosterone is reduced, center or hypothalamus which regulates many functions, including body temperature and pressure, receives false signals that the body is overheated and then includes perspiration as a method of cooling the body.

You are too busy and forget to eat

Sweating can be a sign of hypoglycemia, lowering blood sugar. When you skip a meal, the lack of blood glucose triggers the release of adrenaline because the body goes into survival mode and starts sweating.

Heart attack

Sweating and dizziness can be a warning sign of a heart attack. You may initially feel chest pain or you symptoms may occur after strenuous exercise. Accompanying symptoms are breathlessness, severe chest pain that spreads to the jaw, arms and back. This kind of sweating response is caused by the sharp reduction in pulse and blood pressure. Sweating can be caused by the occurrence of pre stroke or acute appendicitis.


Most people produce one liter of sweat a day, a lot more when it is hot or during exercise. If you sweat when temperatures are low, perhaps you suffer from hyperhidrosis. People who have a problem with excess sweating produce up to ten times more sweat.

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