You Struggle With Insomnia? Here Is How To Fall Asleep Within 10 Minutes

Insomnia is a condition in which you have trouble going to sleep or after sleep you have difficulty keeping the condition. It can be treated at home, but it all depends on the stage in which insomnia is. However it is not a disease but a symptom and a problem related to how much or how well you sleep.

The concept of good sleep generally varies from person to person. On average, adult man needs 7-8 hours of sleep a night in order to operate normally during the day, but there are many people who need at least 10 hours a sleep or those who can function perfectly well after 4-5 hours of sleep.

Generally, it is proven that all people at some point it their lives have trouble sleeping.

The causes are different and their impact on our daily life depends on the frequency and intensity of the same.

It is very important to find the root of the problem and return the habit of regular sleep through natural and healthy methods.

We will now present seven recommendations that will help you fall asleep again

1. Read

It is more than clear that reading boring literature makes us fall asleep.

If you are struggling with insomnia, try reading when you lie down in bed, also it is recommended to use weak light during the reading because it quickly tires the eyes.

2. Do not eat anything

Midnight snack can only keep you awake. This is why you need to avoid eating late at night.

3. Use your brain

If you want to occupy yourself, instead of tossing in bed and using electronic devices such as phones and tablet, do a mental exercise. For example, you can try imagining your preparation for work.

4. Turn off the lights

If you wake up in middle of the night on the way to the bathroom do not turn on all the lights.

The more you are influenced by bright light the tougher you will fall asleep.

5. Better relax

Relaxing your body can relax your brain. If you have tension in your muscles, signals are sent to the brain which will make falling asleep harder. Breathe deeply and begin the relaxation of the largest muscle groups to gradually move to the smaller ones.

6. Lay on your back

Or lay on your stomach, but never roll all over the bed. If you got up, your body will read that sign as if it is time to wake up.

7. Listen to music

Before you lay down, turn on some slow and quiet music. The music will help you relax, thus fall asleep.

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