You Have Been Cooking Rice Wrong The Whole Time: Here Is What You Need To Do Once The Water Starts Boiling!

Rice is easy to prepare, which is not the case for most type of grains. The body has no problems with digestion of starch and the rice has it in large quantities. However, like other grains, rice is not the healthiest ingredients for your meals.

Consuming too much rice causes obesity and increases the risk of developing diabetes type 2.

White rice is especially dangerous. One cup of white rice has 200 calories, filled with starch and without any significant matter.

Fortunately, scientists have discovered a simple trick of halving the number of calories of rice while making it healthy for consumption.

“It is necessary to cook the rice as usual, only in the hot water, before putting the rice in, you should add coconut oil, around 3% on the amount of rice. When the rice is ready, leave it in the refrigerator for 12 hours “- explains MD, Sudhair James.

What actually happens with the rice?

Boiling makes starch easy to digest, so that the rice is easily converted into glycogen and sugar, and then stored as fat. Any other way of cooking, which differs from that, does not affect the rice, and the body cannot digest it properly.

“Adding lipids (in this case coconut oil) drastically reduces the percentage of easily digestible starch” – adds Dr. Pusparaya Tavaraya, explaining that the oil actually changes the structure of starch.

“Cooling helps the starch to remain in more “hard” shape and thus the rice remains less caloric even after being warmed ” – explains professor Thavarajah.

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