You Go To Bed With Wet Hair? Here Is Why You Immediately Need To Stop Doing That!


This bad habit leaves consequences on your health!

Going to bed with wet hair, wrapped in a towel, is not as harmless as many people think. In fact, this habit leaves consequences to your health.

– Causes headache

Unlike non-REM stage of sleep, our body’s temperature rises during REM sleep. Then the temperature of the head, wrapped with a towel, starts to rise, which means the humidity also rises which can cause headache.

– Bacteria are created

Pillows are an ideal place for bacteria because they absorb sweat, dead skin cells and oils from the body. Wet hair wets the towel and towel conveys moisture onto the pillow and the pillow then becomes nest for the development of bacteria.

– Destroys hair

Hair easily damages, but it happens more often when it is wet. This is why you need to quit the habit of going to sleep with wet hair!

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