Wool String Around The Wrist Reduces Pain And Improves Blood Circulation


Woolen string on the wrist… What is its healing power? Our grandmothers wear these strings and tie them on their children and grandchildren. They believe that the red woolen string can save and protect against evil eyes.

There are many myths about woolen string, but the right one is folk medicine. There are claims that the string tied on the arm frees man from sore joints. Doctors do not comment on that, but recognize its existence. The woolen string affects the circulation.

How does woolen string act?

Hygienically speaking, wool is the healthiest thermoregulatory material. Its structure allows the skin to breathe. In addition, it also possesses medicinal properties. Since ancient times, people got rid of toothache, headache, back pain, in a way that they placed a few pieces of genuine natural wool on the sore spot.

The point is that natural fibers of wool, trimmed and not treated with chemicals, covered in animal wax – lanolin (which differs from other materials that contain cholesterol), are well absorbed by the skin and soothe it. It is a dense mass with yellow or yellow-brown color with characteristic smell. This is particularly important substance for making a cosmetic creams and ointments.

If you use bedding made of natural wool, the existing lanolin (which melts at body temperature) easily penetrates the skin. This way it has a beneficial effect on the muscles, joints, spine, relieves pain and increases blood circulation.

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