With Simple Elixir-Bomb To Perfect Blood Counts


You should consume one tablespoon of the elixir-bomb three times a day, before or after a meal. The only effect this remedy provides is significant improvement in blood counts.

Bad blood count, also known as anemia, is the first sign of numerous health problems. If you are facing this kind of problem, you will solve it with the following recipe.

There are many folk medicine recipes for improving blood counts, or increasing the level of hemoglobin. This healing elixir is proven remedy. You will gain great results, plus, it is very tasty.

Ingredients needed:

– 200 ml  / 6.7 oz of honey

– 200 g / 7 oz of walnuts

– 200 g / 7 oz of raisins

– 200 ml / 6.7 oz of beetroot juice

– 200 ml / 6.7 oz of carrot juice

– 2 lemons

Method of preparation:

Chop the lemons and blend them together with their rind. Add the honey, the freshly squeezed beet juice and in finally the carrot juice. Mix everything well and add the raisins and walnuts. The resulting mixture should weight about two pounds. Transfer the resulting mixture in a glass jar. Consume one tablespoon of the remedy three times a day before or after a meal. The results will amaze you.

Source: Healthy Food Star

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