Why Japanese Girls Do Not Age And Not Fattening


Japanese people have the longest life expectancy on average 82.5 years, and have the most centenarians in the world. These data have attracted the attention of many experts who are trying to discover the secret of their longevity. Naomi Moriyu tried to explain all doubts about the Japanese diet in the book “Japanese girls do not age and not fattening.”

In the traditional Japanese diet only low-calorie foods served in small controlled portions are included. According to this book’s author, the average Japanese woman on average enters 25% fewer calories than the average woman in the West.

In Japan diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, are very rare compared to other parts of the world. They explain that healthy habits are crucial if you want to live long.

Forget about desert

While people from other countries finish their meal with a piece of cake, Japanese do it with a cup of green tea. If you cannot quit eating sweets, at least eat them before noon in small quantities. Japanese on average enter 48, 8 grams of sugar compared with the British who entered 100 grams of sugar on a daily basis.

You do not need to be fed

Centennial Japanese who live on the island of Okinawa say that their secret is that you never overeat. It is important to stop eating when the stomach is 80% full. Leave the last several bites. This way you will eat less and you will be healthier with great waste line. Experts also agree with this theory. They claim that signals received by the brain that the stomach is stuffed arrive after 20 minutes. This is why it is important never to overeat.


Another secret of the Japanese people is to walk as much as possible. Japanese spend more time moving than sitting down, and experts agree with this. They advise us to go hiking for at least 2 hours in order for our life to be prolonged for another seven years.

Balance your life

Japanese do lots of yoga and tai-chi. This way they exercise with their body and spirit and relieve stress, and we all know that stress is often the number one cause of many diseases and health conditions.

Do not run away from good bacteria

Japanese consume fermented fruit for many years which stimulates the good bacteria in the intestines. Good bacteria strengthen the immune system. You should also include omega fatty acids into your daily diet.

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