Which Is The Healthiest Way For Preparation Of Broccoli?

Broccoli is by far the number one healthy vegetable but only if it is prepared properly. The most common method of preparation – boiling – destroys vitamins, such as C and B of all vegetables, so from broccoli also.

The latest researches shows that the nutritional damage from boiling broccoli goes deeper than self- destruction of vitamins. This way of preparation prevents the body to absorb compounds called glucosinolates, which play role in reducing the risk of getting lung and colon cancer.

In a recent study, researchers compared the levels with glucosinolates in people who consumed broccoli with those who took supplements made from an extract of broccoli. They discovered that the vegetable used key protein that helped the body to dilute the glucosinolates for absorption while the supplements did not had this protein. Participant which consumed fresh vegetable had 8 times more glucosinolates inside the blood than those who consumed artificial substances.

The long boiling of broccoli is not recommended because it reduces the levels of this enzyme. This is why it is recommended that broccoli should be prepared on steam because prepared like this is in its healthiest form. Also, it can be consumed fresh but in smaller quantities because if it is consumed fresh in larger quantities it can cause flatulence and unpleasant gases. 

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