When Your Doctor Suggests Regular Mammograms, This Is What You Need To Say Back

It was revealed by Dr. Ben Johnson that the mammograms taking by women regularly van cause cancer.

In his book titled “The Secret of Health Breast Wisdom” he stated that the mammograms can cause cancer in women and they don’t even know it.

When you take a mammogram test according to the doctor your risk of cancer rises by 4%. 

The reason for this according to Dr. Ben Johnson is that the radiation used in testing these women for cancer is actually a cancer-causing radiation.

The sad thing about this test is that I more than half the women that are subjected to it do not get their cancer detected, so it’s not an entirely competent way of checking for cancer and worse still it gives cancer.

The doctor suggests that if a lump is noticed then it will be ideal to have an ultrasound done.just like mammograms, ultrasound is a test of anatomy.

You can also use a thermography it is safe as it does not cause cancer in women. It acts like a sensor to detect defective portions of a woman’s breasts.

The fear is that the mammograms actually instigate dormant cancer cells to be active and also to spread rapidly.

While early detection helps to save lives it’s advisable that you do not believe that using mammograms will save your life but rather worsen an already bad situation.

So next time your doctor tells you to take a mammogram you need to question him.

Source: The Truth About Cancer

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