When You Read This You Will Never Throw Away The Seeds Of Avocado!

Avocado is tropical tree which grows in height from 6-20 meters. Naturally it grows in the area of Mexico to Brazil and, today is grown throughout the whole tropical belt.

The leaves are in elliptical form, in the end they are pointed, glossy with leathery appearance, light green to dark green and on their back they are silver. In appearance they are very similar to leaves of orange. But this is why the seeds of avocado are filled with amazing nutrients which have amazing health benefits to human health.

Inside the seeds of avocado there are more antioxidants than in the whole avocado. These powerful antioxidants have ability to reduce the high level of cholesterol in the blood and prevent some types of heart disease and stroke.

They are a great alternative for a reduction of inflammatory diseases in the body and especially they act well in relieving the swelling in the digestive system. The seeds can be used to solve the problem with stomach cramps and diarrhea but also to relieve and prevent constipation.

Inside the seeds of avocado there is also flavonol present – antioxidant which helps in preventing and reducing the tumor. The seeds of avocet can help in strengthening the immunity in season of colds and flu.

They help in reducing the level of glucose in the blood and also maintain a healthy weight for those who are struggling with excess weight. Also, they reduce asthma caused by exercise.

How to get seeds of avocado

All you have to do is open an avocado, carefully to remove the seed and to place it in a plastic bag and smash it with a hammer for meat.
Place the smashed seed in blender and blend it well until you get fine powder. You can consume it so that you will sprinkle small amount of it on the meal.

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