What’s The Meaning of Your Palm Line

Do you know which the heart line on your palm is? The line heart is indicative of your emotions and everything that revolves around love.

Carefully look at the image in order to find which line are we talking about because it is responsible whether you going to love or be loved. The outline of the heart begins under the index finger or middle finger and extends to the edge of the palm on the side of the little finger.

A. If your heart line starts under the middle finger – you are born to be leaders. You are also ambitious, intelligent and independent and you possess characteristics for decision making. In relations with others you are cold and do not show emotion.

B. If your heart line starts between the middle finger and index finger, you are vulnerable and sensitive to others. In addition, you are quite hesitant and careful when it comes to others around you, but you are reliable person. Also, you make decisions with common sense.

C. If your heart line starts under the index finger, the same properties as the individual in which the line of heart starts in the middle finger (A) apply to you.

D. If your heart line starts between your index finger and thumb then you are a person full of feelings, caring, benevolent and soft-hearted. These words describe you the best.

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