What Secret Hides Honey Vinegar?


Apple, alcohol and wine vinegar are best known types of vinegar. In addition, apple cider is the most efficient and more present at our table, but also used as a means of treatment which helps the body to be resistant to certain types of disease, such as increased fat. In addition, it increases the body with potassium.

But did you know that there is honey vinegar, which by its quality is not behind the apple?

The use of this vinegar is almost unknown. However, because of its special taste, it deserves attention.

How is produced?

1. Solution of copper and water is left to ferment.

2. The solution for fermentation is made of five parts of water and one part of honey.

3. Mix to get homogeneous mixture.

4. Put it in glass jar so you can see if the honey is melted.

This concentration is enough for quality vinegar.

Because honey does not have the same specific weight, there is an old method of determining the specific weight and it follows:

Put an egg in a prepared solution. If the egg rises on top with a thickness of a nickel, then the solution is good, but it does not contain enough minerals for development of organisms that promote boiling, so it is necessary to further add.

For home use, there is no need to add them as boiling can be achieved by adding yeast.

Ensure to use only glass or wooden containers.

Containers are not closed, but only covered the gauze. For the purposes of boiling, the containers are left in a warm place.

You cannot get quality vinegar if not using good quality honey.

The mineral composition of honey vinegar is a guarantee that is conducive to maintaining the health of your body!

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