What Happens To Your Body When It Lacks Of Water?


There is always different opinions on how much water do we need to drink during the day. Everyone has their own opinion but it is rare for someone to explain why and how much water do we need to drink. The ideal dose is 8-9 glasses of water per day. But, what happens when we do not drink enough water?

  • If you do not drink enough water your skin will look old because water fills the little lines and wrinkles and gives your skin a fresh look.
  • Lack of water may cause kidney stones, urinary tract cancer, cancer on the digestive system and heart attack.
  • Brain will become¬†smaller and you will need more time to¬†every day’s choruses.
  • Lack of water may affect your mood – you do not have enough energy, you are weak, depressive, angry and confused.
  • Enough water in your organism will boost up your metabolism.
  • Those who drink two glasses of water before meal are entering 75-90 less calories. If these people repeat this technique they can lose 6 pounds within 3 months.

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