What Can Young Walnut Leaves, Husk And Immature Walnut Fruit Treat?


Walnut (Juglansregia) is used in many ways, often in addition to cakes and pastries, salads, pasta, and for the preparation of various balms. However, little is known about the healing properties of young leaves, young husk and immature fruit, which can help against many diseases and are most effective if they are harvested in early May.

Walnut tree has a special place because of its broad applications. Besides in medicine, it is used in fine furniture making, dyeing cotton, wool, for artistic crafts and furniture prints.

Among the people it is well known cleaning of blood, and is good for the treatment of lung diseases, reinforced muscles and improving vision.

Walnut is used against infected wounds, skin diseases and eye inflammation in a form of f coating and as a bath. As oil, walnut is good for hair care and protects from sun burns. The core contains 65% oil, protein, carbohydrates, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B and C, iron.

Young walnut leaf tea is especially effective, which, in combination with honey strengthens and cleanses the body and improves health. It is also used as a remedy against problems with digestion, gout, bleeding gums and dental disease meat, purulent rashes, overweight and against vaginal secretions.

The leaves contain essential oil with a yellowish color, tannins and substances with hot and bitter taste. Walnut leaves are harvested in June and July and it is advisable to use them while fresh and green because they contain incorruptible medicinal ingredients.

Young green nuts are rich in vitamin C. In combination with honey they are excellent remedy for the sick, weak and anemic children. Mature fruits have lots of oil, are eaten fresh and are an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids, because of which blood cholesterol can be successfully reduced.

Hair strengthening

Grind 10 tablespoons of nuts and then put them in 1 liter of 96% alcohol. Close the bottle well and store it in a warm place for 2 weeks. Massage your scalp using this liquid and then dry your hair. Practice this treatment every night.

Against pains

Mix one liter of virgin olive oil with 10 tablespoons if crushed walnut leaves. Store the resulting mixture in a warm place for a whole month. After 1 month, use the mixture to massage painful areas.

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