Watermelon To Treat Depression – 4 Great Reasons Why You Should Consume Watermelon As Often As Possible


It contains few calories and is great for hydration. However, watermelon has plenty of other health benefits. In this article we will present few of them.

Cooled watermelon is great refreshment during summer days. But hardly ever someone thinks about watermelon’s nutritional values.

Experts say that besides being tasty, watermelon is low in calories and very healthy ingredient. Since you will find watermelon on every corner in the markets, se the opportunity and consume it as often as possible.

1. Watermelon cleanses blood

Did you know that watermelon can act as a tonic in the blood? Yes! Besides having the refreshing effect, watermelon also possess the effect of rejuvenating the body and acts as a blood tonic.

2. Natural protecting against sun rays

Watermelon is rich in lycopene, and lycopene helps the skin to adapt faster to the UV radiation. All this gives watermelon great importance when it comes to sun protection.

3. Treat depression

Watermelon helps in improving mood, thus soothing depression symptoms.

4. Reduces flatulence

Water retention can make you feel bloated and unpleasant. Watermelon stimulates fluid ejection thus help you overcome this problem. Watermelon also acts as a diuretic and laxative.

5. Has low caloric value, is rich in vitamins and is very hydrating

One serving of watermelon has only 46 calories, contains about 20% of the needed daily dose of vitamins A and C and 5% of the needed daily dose of calcium.

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