Victory! World’s Largest Spice Company To Go Organic & Non-GMO By 2016

McCormick Spice Company has decided not to toe the line of other manufacturers of spices and other crops that are satisfied with producing only GMO crops.

This company has decided to focus on 100% natural crops and herbs by 2016.

This comes as a big surprise as with an ever increasing worldwide demand for cross and herbs they have decided to grow their naturally.

It is a victory however to protagonists of natural crops and herbs.

The company made the announcement that by 2016 a high number of their herbs and spices will be organic and an impressive 80% of their products will be organic.

These products will have their labels changed and this was stated on the website Food Dive.

It was also stated that McCormick had already ensured that a great number of their products are non-GMO as part of their drive to dominate this market as demand for organic products increases.

Another new organic product announcement made by McCormick includes a vanilla extract.

So Is McCormick A Safer Alternative?

A lot of companies producing crops and herbs make use of irradiation in the production of their products this is not safe for consumers.

However, McCormick will not be using irradiation but they rather would be using steam treatments which has the ability to preserve the nutrients of their products better and also enhance their natural taste and flavour.

With this new development it will be interesting to see how other companies will react.

What McCormick Spice Company has decided to do is commendable and we can only hope that their plans are successful in the hope that more natural products can be on the shelves of major stores everywhere.


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