Unhealthy Cancer-Causing Foods

unhealthy-cancer-causing-foodsNot every product is carcinogenic, but some should be avoided. Here are the foods that we consume every day but should stop or at least limit their usage:

  • Soft Drinks

Soft drinks are convincingly on the top of the list of carcinogenic products. They are full of additives, dyes, chemicals and sugars that literally feed the cancerous cells.

  • Patisseries

White flour is a common ingredient in processed products. Huge amounts of carbohydrates contained in it are very worrying. Combined with sugar, these ingredients help in the development of cancerous substances.

  • Fruits and Vegetables

Many people think that if they eat healthy food such as apples, pears, strawberries bought in store, they are safe from getting different types of diseases. But, if there is no fruit sticker as a proof of healthiness and that food is organic and not genetically modified, that means that the food is a potential carrier of diseases. Be careful and check if the food you buy is contaminated or sprayed with pesticides.

  • Diet Food and Drinks

Diet drinks are even worse choice than soft drinks. Sweeteners used in these beverages can cause cancer. The same goes for saccharin and other sweeteners that you should avoid.

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