Toes Trick – From Now On You Can Wear High Heels Without Feeling Pain The Feet!

This trick will surely delight all members of the gentler sex, especially those who do not want to wear high heels because of sore feet.

In fact, you can reduce pain and numbness in the fingers as well as painful walking with a simple trick. High heels will surely become your best friend afterwards.

High heels are one of the most elegant details that make every woman sexier, but unfortunately many women avoid high heels only because of discomfort and pain in the feet.

If you want to walk in your favorite high heels without dealing with pain and cramps in the feet and toes then try out this simple but very effective and medically confirmed trick.

All you need is adhesive tape with transparent color.

Wrap the tape around the third and fourth toe, starting with the thumb. The tape will fix the fingers and prevent their separation. This procedure will reduce the pressure on the front part of the foot that becomes painful when wearing high heels. The toe fixing will also prevent numbness and cramps in the toes caused by increased pressure in the feet.

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