Tips For People With Low Pressure

tips-for-people-with-low-pressureMany people suffer from low blood pressure, especially women. Low blood pressure can lead to impotence in man and can disrupt the menstrual cycle in woman. The low blood pressure is variable depending on the impact of external factors, psychological stress, physical exertion, as well as problems with the veins, their condition and elasticity, thyroid function, heart strength and function of the kidneys and adrenal glands.

People who suffer from low blood pressure can faint very quickly, lose energy, and also suffer from headache and sometimes unconsciousness, have mood swings, suffer from muscle aches and feel much better when the weather is cold.

For low pressure, or hypothesis, is considered normal when it is lower than 100/60, measured several times. However, low blood pressure is not a threat to our health. The body adapts to the respective blood pressure, so people who have 90/60 are considered to have normal blood pressure, and can function normally.

The positive thing is that the low pressure does not lead to stroke or heart attack. The low pressure is considered “better” than high.


  • People with low blood pressure are recommended to sleep 8 hours per day, because they need to sleep a lot more than others.
  • When it comes to coffee, you must be careful not to drink rather more than 2 cups per day, because the coffee initially raises the pressure.
  • People with low blood pressure have to get enough water in the body, or 30mL per one kilogram of body weight. The same goes for salt because it is associated with water and increases the volume of blood that circulates.
  • Sometimes, intermittent showers with hot and cold water can help with raising the blood pressure.
  • You need to consume an easy digestible food, avoid alcohol and heat and very crowded rooms.

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