Three Natural Remedies Against Sinus Inflammation


Sinusitis is a disease caused by an inflammation of the mucosa of the sinuses. The causes may be different such as autoimmune diseases, fungal, bacterial or viral infections.

Inflammation of the sinuses is usually treated with antibiotics, which can affect health in a negative way. If you frequently use antibiotics your body can become immune to them. But on the other hand there are herbs that can help reduce the inflammation of the sinuses and also reduce their risk of inflammation.


Has antibacterial and antifungal properties and effectively relieves inflammation of the sinuses caused by fungal and bacterial infections. Ingredient allicin, which is credited with strong smell of garlic, has antibacterial properties and successfully helps in the process of treatment of this disease.


Orange is an excellent source of vitamin C that helps in the process of purifying the sinuses. Inhaling the orange scent helps with stuffy nose and cleans sinuses. The daily consumption of orange can reduce the risk of sinusitis, especially in those who already have it.


It soothes the symptoms of inflamed sinuses, eye irritation and itching of the nose. This herb, when taken as a tincture or tea, has the power to stimulate the work of the immune system that effectively fights sinus infections.

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