Three Natural Recipes To Fade Off Stretch Marks


Almost every woman has stretch mark problems. Stretch marks usually appear due to sharply gaining or losing weight. They also occur after giving birth.

In this article we are about to present to you three recipes which will help you to get rid of stretch marks.


Put one avocado, little bit of lemon juice and little bit of olive oil in a blender and mix. Place the mixture onto gauze and massage the stretch marks two times a week.


Mix chamomile, lavender oil and jojoba. Again, place the mixture on a sterile gauze and massage the affected area(s). The difference between this mixture and the previous one is that you can massage yourselves every day with this one.

Shea butter

Make a mixture using olive oil, almond oil and Shea butter. Apply this mixture onto the stretch marks every day. They will start to pale away and disappear over time.


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