Three Morning Mistakes Which Slow Down Metabolism


Metabolism’s fast work affects several factors such as age, weight and genetics. Age and genetics cannot be changed but weight surely can be changed. In order to achieve the desired goal, avoid mistakes that slow down your metabolism.

  • You skip breakfast and eat later

One of the worst things you can do in the morning is skipping breakfast. Skipping breakfast slows metabolism and it makes weight loss harder to achieve. If you do not eat, your brain sends a message to the rest of the body that you need to save energy. Then, the created fat is very difficult to burn. If you have your breakfast within an hour after you wake up, you will encourage the metabolic process called thermogenesis, which transforms the imported food into energy.

  • You do not exercise

Studies show that the positive effects of speeding up your metabolism and burning calories quickly runs up to 24 hours after exercise. Maybe you did not know but morning exercises burn more calories than exercises you do during the day. Therefore, practice morning workouts.

  • You do not lift weights

Muscle mass burns calories. Four and a half kilos of muscle mass can burn 100 calories a day. Include 10-minute resistance training into your morning routine in order to make your metabolism work better.

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