Three Day Detoxification For The Entire Body: Cancer Prevention

Cleansing the body of toxins, especially the lungs, is very important because it helps in the proper functioning of the whole organism, and when the body is in harmony you feel much better. These tips must be respected especially by smokers.

Proper functioning of the lungs leads to good health and mood. Cleaning them occasionally is extremely important because we breathe various impurities and toxins from the air on a daily basis.

The detoxification lasts for three days.

Three day detoxification:

– Two days before the start of detoxification you must not drink milk and must not consume any dairy products. The organism must eliminate toxins gained from these products that are deposited in the body.

– The first day you should drink a cup of herbal tea before going to bed. The tea will help the intestines get rid of constipation, and it will stimulate the lungs to easily function.

– Before breakfast you should drink 300 ml of water in combination with freshly squeezed juice of two lemons. After that, drink 300 ml of citrus or pineapple juice. Grapefruit or pineapple juice contains natural antioxidants that are able to improve respiratory system’s efficiency.

– Between breakfast and lunch drink 300 ml of carrot juice. The juice will help you normalize the Ph value of blood during the three days of cleaning.

– During lunch you must enter 400 ml of juice containing potassium, which will function as a tonic. Bananas, apricots and pears contain lot of potassium. So, use these fruits and prepare a juice of your choice.

– Before going to bed drink 400 ml of cranberry juice. This will help your organism fight bacteria in the lungs.

– During the three-day diet, you should also enjoy in a hot bath for 20 minutes on a daily basis. This way the toxins will be discharged through sweating.

– Put a few drops of essential oil of eucalyptus in a bowl filled with boiling water and inhale the vapor with a towel over your head. Practice this method until the liquid cools.


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