This Plant Has Been Officially Proclaimed As The Best Ingredient


We are talking about a plant called watercress (Nasturtium officinale). Watercress origins from Euro Asia but, today it is widespread and it can be found almost all around the world.

This plant’s great nutritional value can be confirmed by the facts that it contains bigger amount of iron than spinach, more calcium than milk and more vitamin C than both lemon and orange.

What is this herb’s secret?

Watercress reinforces anti-oxidative effect and stops and reduces oxidative stress. It also affects the exchange of chemical compounds throughout entire metabolism and regulates occurring disorders, which is very important in the treatment approach naturally.

– This plant has the ability to cleanse the entire organism.

– It helps in the blood cleansing process.

– It improves appetite.

– And it refreshes the organism thoroughly.

In case of autointoxication – toxemia consumption of watercress is recommended. In folk medicine this plant has been widely used in the different kinds of treatments in fresh form of fresh juice.

It is recommended consuming fresh watercress juice in combination with water in ratio 1:5, (one part juice and five parts water) because pure watercress juice can cause inflammation of the stomach and/or gullet.

Watercress juice should not be consumed on a daily basis but with pauses.

This plant also possesses diuretic properties. However, if you use it long term it can damage the kidney. This is why you need to be very careful when using it.

You can externally use watercress juice in order to treat skin diseases, skin impurities, hair loss etc. You can also use it in a form of coating against sun freckles, scabies and other types of infections.

Newest researches claim this plant stops growth of tumors and metastasis only if watercress extract is injected in order to treat cardiovascular diseases and breast cancer preventing.

Watercress leaves can be used as coatings against skin infections, mostly against fungal infections. Leaves should be mashed or ground until you get Листовите треба да бидат згмечени или смелени во вид на mushy matter which should applied onto the affected area. Before applying this remedy make sure you first clean the affected area with alcohol. Fix the coating using bandage and let it act for 3 hours before you remove it. Once you remove the coating, do not forget to apply some olive oil.

If you want to use watercress leaves as a salad you first need to wash them several times and let them soak in salty water in combination with wine vinegar.

Spice the salad using finely chopped garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and little bit of salt and pepper. Let the salad stand still for 3 to 4 hours before you consume it. Remember to use this salad as a diet food in case you are dealing with the abovementioned diseases and health conditions.


Watercress should be harvested from clean environment and be careful if it is infected by parasites!

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