This Is One Of The Biggest Cancer Causing Foods-Stop Eating It!

An average American loves hot dogs. It is estimated that about 7 billion hot dogs are consumed in a single summer alone.

Yes! Hot dogs may be tasty and a quick meal especially if your job means that you are always on-the-move.

However, it has been revealed that this tasty junk food is a major cancer causing food.

How is hot dog made?

The big problem with hot dogs is the processing, but first let us do a little background on your favourite junk food.

The German Invasion!

German immigrants actually came up with the idea of hot dogs way back in the1860’s back in New York.

Traditionally hot dogs are made from a mix of pork, beef and chicken.

This meat is then grinded and put in a grated metal machine where chicken trimmings are added with food starch, salt and other artificial flavouring.

Each flavouring is different depending on where the hot dogs are going to be sold as people from different regions in America usually have different preference and taste.

The hot dogs are added water and artificial sweeteners, they are then turned to a smooth consistent mass of meat and put in casings to give them that unique shape and size.

They are then racked up and ready for baking, then after baking they are drenched in cold salt water for preservation and packaging.

The casings are then peeled off by a machine and then they are inspected for defects and consistency.

Finally, the hot dogs are packaged warehoused and delivered to your local grocery store for sale and eventually wind up in a fast food restaurant or your home.

Why is hot dog so dangerous?

The reason why hot dogs are harmful to your health as earlier mentioned is because of the processes they are subjected to during production.

  • Artificial flavouring
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Food starch
  • Corn syrup
  • Monosodium glutamate

These additives to the processed meat comprising of animal remains such as their legs, claw, skin and fat contribute to increasing the acidity in your body and that makes your body ripe for cancerous cells to thrive.

You can’t even be sure of all the additives in hot dogs as their labels hardly state anything.

In a study carried out by University of Hawaii it was discovered that processed meat can raise your risk of contracting pancreatic cancer by as much as 67%.

…unbelievable right!

You can be 100% certain that processed meat comprise of nitrates as well as nitrites which are said to contribute to a person’s increased risk of bladder and bowel, pancreatic and stomach cancer.

It is claimed by the “American Institute For Cancer Research” that when one hot dog is consumed daily by a person, that person is exposed to a 21% risk of contracting colorectal cancer.

So before you go to your local food vendor and order a hot dog for the road, you might just want to consider its health risks critically and go for much more natural and healthy alternatives.


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