This Healing Combination Will Treat Cancer And Many Other Diseases


A famous German biochemist found that cold strained flax oil and fresh cheese successfully treat cancer and other diseases which cause fatty degeneration.

The essence of the action of this remedy is to re-establish normal aerobic process in cancerous cells (and in all other cells), which means the process of burning sugars to take place in the presence of oxygen.

Cancer cells can remain undifferentiated and their cell division to take place indefinitely only if they are anaerobic (incineration of sugar without the presence of oxygen).

Fundamentally, this diet is changing the way the breathing of cancerous cells.

This way undifferentiated cancer cells are forced to be differentiated, which will result in their programmed fire – apoptosis.

This is the simplest explanation of the principle of this diet’s functioning. The work is deep and thorough.

In order for the flax oil to be efficiently transported through the bloodstream to cells, German biochemist recommends to consume it in combination with lean fresh cheese.

Why lean cow cheese?

Lean cow cheese contains amino acids such as methionine and cysteine, which have in their composition sulphide group (SH-atom of sulfur and hydrogen) which can easily be associated with fatty acids. Thus linked amino acid and fatty acid form lipoprotein form which is easily soluble in water, which means it is soluble in blood as well.


5 tablespoons of flax oil

5 tablespoons of ground flaxseed

Half a cup of fresh cheese

Method of preparation:

Mix the flaxseed oil with fresh low-fat cow’s cheese well. You can consume this daily amount at once or you can schedule it for consuming several times. If you consume it partially, you must prepare it each time before consuming because the mixture is losing its properties while standing still.

This mixture can be submitted even by people who are generally lactose intolerant. Instead lean cheese you can use yogurt or kefir, but then you must its amount by three times.

Mixing cheese and butter is best done by using electric mixer. Mix 2 minutes because it needs to be mixed very well. Make sure you always mix cheese and butter first. Then add the freshly grind flaxseed in this mixture. You wish to add crushed walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds, fresh fruits and vegetables if you want to.

Also, in order to improve the taste, you can add a teaspoon of honey or pumpkin oil. This way you will get a real nutritious meal.

Remember to eat the resulting mixture as soon as you are done preparing it. You should never store it in the fridge!

For complete remission of the disease, 1 to 5 years must pass. However, you need to practice these eating habits for a lifetime, possibly with a gradual reduction of flaxseed oil. It is well known that cancer can be back all of a sudden, at any age.

Flaxseed oil must be fresh! If corked, oxidized you must throw it away. To prevent it from going bad, it is best to keep it closed in the fridge, and to spend it within about 2-3 weeks.

Source: Healthy Life Tricks

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