They Have Been Drinking Half A Liter Of Water Before The Main Meal For 12 Weeks: Here Is What Happens To Them!


Forget all about diets, salads and fitness centers, water can be a solution for successful weight loss. According to a study done in the United Kingdom, if you drink 500 ml of water before meal, you will actually lose weight. The survey encompassed 84 adults in a period of 12 weeks. Each person received advice on how to maintain diet, how to properly feet and increase physical activity.

Then they were divided into two groups of 42 people: one group was ordered to drink half a liter of water before the main meal, while the other group had to imagine they were sated before the meal.

Those who drank water before meals lost about 1.3 kg more than those who imagined they were sated. They lost about 4.3 kilograms within 12 weeks.

If you drink only half a liter of water before the main meal, three times a day, you can lose weight. And if you practice doing this throughout the year, you will lose lots of excess weight – claims Pareti Helen, who participated in the survey.

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