These Useful Advices And Remedies Will Help You Get Rid Of Stye!

Stye is a growth with red color that mostly occurs under or onto the eye lid. It looks like a grain and it can cause irritation, itching, pain, but most of the times it is gone within several days. However, you can avoid this unpleasant occurrence by using natural remedies for removing barley on the eye.

Causes for stye occurrence:

The lack of hygiene of the eye or staphylococcus bacteria can cause stye, but it also can occur due to hormonal changes which occurred during some kind of treatment or during the menstrual cycle. Excessive work, exhaustion of the body and stress can also trigger this phenomenon.

Useful advices

Once you notice you have stye make sure you do not try squeezing it out. You also must not put on makeup, do not scratch the area around the eye, do not touch eyes with your hands and make sure you never use some else’s towel or personal care tool. In case you wear eye contact lenses, do not put them on until the stye is not completely gone. If natural remedies do not help you, make sure your visit your doctor.

Natural remedies against stye

– Mash several fresh mint leaves and place them under your eye. Let them act for 5 minutes before you rinse with lukewarm water.

– Wash a Swiss chard leaf well, put it in boiled water and let it soak in for about five minutes. Then remove the leaf and allow it to slightly cool. Close the affected eye and place the Swiss chard leaf onto it. Let it act for half an hour. Repeat this procedure three times a day until the stye disappears.

– Prepare a tea made of a teaspoon of crushed dried marigold leaves and half a liter of water. Strain the resulting tea and soak gauze in it. Place the soaked gauze onto your eye lid and keep it there until it completely cools. Repeat this procedure three times a day.

– Peel a potato and slice it in circles. Several times during the day, place a potato slice onto the affected eye lid and keep it on until the potato completely dries out.

– Make a chamomile tea and let it cool a bit. Use the tea to make a coating which you should place on the affected eye. Do this at least four times a day.

– Take an Aloe Vera leaf, squeeze its liquid and then use cotton wool to apply it directly on the stye.

– Make a tea of 25 grams of chamomile, 10 grams of horse tail and 10 grams of thyme in one liter of water. Let the resulting mixture cool before you apply it on the eye in a form of coatings. Repeat this procedure three times a day.

– Make a tea using a handful of acacia leaves and one cup of water. When the tea cools, soak a cotton wool and place it on lid of the eye. Hold it there for about five minutes.

– Put one tablespoon of coriander in half a cup of water and cook for about 5 minutes. Let the mixture cool, strain it, soak gauze in it and place the gauze on the affected eye.

– There is an old belief which says, in order to get rid of a stye you should warm a golden ring, by rubbing it in your hands, and place it onto the stye.

– Stye can also be removed by dropping few drops of breast milk directly onto it.

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