These Exercises Are Strengthening The Bones


Bones are rigid organs that form the skeleton. Every bone in the skeleton has a certain shape and is specialized to perform a specific function. Bones are connected with skeletal muscle with tendons, which provide their movement.

Bones make up the basic structure of the body, but unfortunately we very often neglect them.

Besides the regular intake of calcium, exercises are highly important for their strengthening.

1. Using the body as a burden

Dance, run, practice aerobics and practice jump rope. By performing these exercises you will use your own body weight against gravity, thereby you will strengthen bones.

Note: If you have an injury or suffer from osteoporosis, training should be reduced. Walk outside or inside (on a treadmill) and do light exercises.

2. Lifting weights

Before you start exercising you need to consult an expert.

You can lift weights, exercise with elastic props, use different machines in the fitness center, and even practicing yoga or Pilates.

3. Exercises without pressure and kicks/punches

Thanks to these exercises (Tia Chi, a form of yoga, martial arts or some functional exercises) you will be able to improve your balance and stance, which will contribute to strengthening muscles and bones. The pressure and kicks/punches that occur in standard workout are eliminated, so risk of damage or breaking of bones is eliminated

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