The Simplest Diet: 2 Glasses Of Water Before Meal


Many people invested great amount of effort and money in order to lose some weight, but the results were disappointing. Excess weight problems’ solution is very simple, available and cheap – water!

Did you know that those who drink two glasses of water before each meal lose weight faster than those who constantly count calories and drink artificial means which suppose to help them lose weight “fast”. These medicaments can really reduce the body’s ability to accumulate fat, but they also may merge chemical processes in the body. Unlike those medicaments, water has no side effects and does nothing but take effect.

According to researches, those who drink 2 glasses of water before meal, enter 90 calories less with each meal, which means they enter 300 calories less during the day, which means 2, 5 kilos a month without any additional diets.

Water’s secret is very simple. It fills the stomach which reduces appetite. It seems too easy but usually the simplest ways are the most beautiful/useful.

So, if you want to lose some weight, forget about sodas and alcohol and drink only water!

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