The Popular Austrian Juice Against Cancer: For 42 Days The Cancer Cells Will Die (recipe)

Dr. Rudolf Brays from Austria, devoted his entire life to find the best natural cure for cancer. But, that was not in vain. He made special juice that gave excellent results in treating this disease. Thanks to this method, he cured more than 45,000 people from cancer and other incurable diseases.

The doctor invented a special post in duration of 42 days in which only teas and special juice from vegetables were consumed, the main ingredient is beet. During these 42 days, the cancer cells starve and die, while the health of the whole organism significantly improves.

Bray’s juice is prepared exclusively from environmentally grown vegetables.


  • Beets (55%)
  • Asparagus (20%)
  • Celery root (20%)
  • Potato (3%)
  • Radishes (2%)


Add all the ingredients in a juicer, mix well and the juice is ready.


Drink the juice daily, regularly for 42 days.

It is important to note that you should not exaggerate with the juice of beet. Beet is also well known as cure for leukemia. This vegetable contains amino acids betaine and has anticancer properties. 

Treatment with beet which involves daily intake of beet juice of fresh grated beet has proven positive effect on leukemia and other types of cancer.  Also, beet helps during oxidative stress, lowers blood cholesterol by up to 40%, lowers blood pressure, helps with headache, toothache, prevents constipation, bone pain, prevent varicose veins, helps with menstrual problems and purifies the body of toxins and prevents various diseases.

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