The Horrible Truth About Bought Ice Cream


An integral part of the summer fresheners are harmful ingredients that appear under the name “Secret E-numbers”. These ingredients include artificial flavors, emulsifiers, taste sweeteners, colors and synthetic sweeteners, thickeners and various additives associated with water that form tiny ice crystals.

In this article we will present ingredients contained in bought ice cream. But keep in mind that these ingredients are not mentioned on the declaration or are hidden behind one of the E-numbers:

BENZIL ACETAT – This chemical is used for getting the artificial taste of strawberry. It is also a nitro thinner.

BUTIRALDEHID – This is one of the ingredients of rubber cement. It is used to improve the taste of hazelnut ice cream.

ALDEHID C-17 – This is a fluid that is used in aniline dyes, plastics and rubbers. It improves the taste of cherry ice cream.

ETIL ACETAT – This ingredient can cause chronic liver, chest and heart damage. It is used for achieving artificial pineapple flavor, but it is also used for cleaning leather and other fabric materials.

AMIL ACETAT – This chemical is used for getting artificial banana flavor. It is primarily used as a solvent for oil paints.

PIPERONAL – This ingredient is used to kill lice, and is also used for getting artificial vanilla flavor.

Therefore, be careful when buying ice cream because of these ingredients. Always choose organic ice cream without harmful additives but with quality ingredients and certificates.

But our best recommendation is to simple and fast make ice cream at home using healthy ingredients.

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