The Doctors Also Are Recommending To Massage Your Back With This Oil!

To relieve symptoms in painful stage, there are many medicinal procedures but also, you can try with alternative medicine which can be very effective.

It is about lavender. The essential oil from lavender quickly and easily is absorbing in the skin and the blood registers it in less than five minutes.

Lavender oil contains: alcohol which acts antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, esters compounds which act beneficial to skin and to the entire nervous system, ketones that reduce pain and several other ingredients.

This oil acts as a good antispasmodic, mild sedative, hypotensive, mild analgetic so, with its anti- inflammatory action it helps the process of rapid epotelisation of skin.

If you add oil from lavender, you will gain powerful cure for spinal. Massage it on the sore and stiff place, in thin layer, two to three times daily.

After the third massage, the pain will be reduced and relieved. Try!

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