The Best Cure From The Russian Medicine: Cure The Disorder Of The Secretion Of The Thyroid Hormone!

Large is the number of people who suffer from a disorder of the thyroid gland, where it does not produce enough hormones and the reason mostly is the chronic autoimmune inflammation of the gland. The consequence of this condition is called hypothyroidism can reflect on the health of the entire organism.
Those who suffer from hypothyroidism, the Russian folk medicine recommended this following efficient and simple recipe:


  • 15 young pine cones (usually can be found during the spring)
  • 50 ml quality Vodka


Grind the young pine cones finely as possible and pour them with Vodka. Leave them soaked in a covered glass jar for 10 days. After that, strain the liquid.

Way of consumption:

Drink 5 drops three times a day. The treatment should last 3 weeks.

What kinds of effect have these drops to health?

Pine for very long time is used in natural medicine in treatments for rheumatism and purification of the trachea and also for treating cough and lung diseases including hypothyroidism.

Medicinal properties have the young cones, the needles of pine, resin and bark. The needles should be used fresh because with their drayage, the vitamin C is lost.
The cones of pine are used young, with magnitude of 3- 5 cm, because their further maturation turns them into wood and they lose their healing properties. Young cones contain essential oils, rich in vitamin C, they contain healing aromatic resin and large number of antioxidants. Also  they have an alkaline action. 

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