Su – Jok – Therapy Against Painful Menstruation And PMS


Pak Che Vu is famous Korean healer who invented Su – Jok therapy.

During “critical” days, by practicing the simple Su – Jock massage, you will be able to easily get rid of pain, treat ovarian inflammation, as well as get rid of unpleasant PMS.

There are several phases during the treatment. Here they are:

1. Find painful points in the following way

Carefully notice the top drawing, on which you will find reflexes points associated with the uterus, ovaries and pituitary. Then, take a pencil (with a blunt tip) and gently press, using medium strength, several times with it on the locations indicated on the drawing.

Press the pencil at a right angle to the palm. Very soon you will notice that on some specific places you feel pain (which differs from the usual pain). The pain is not intense, but is different.

It means that you have found the points, which, according to the system Su – Jock, are directly related to the nerves of our bodies, the triggers for the difficulties.

For example, if you have located the painful point for the right ovary, it means that you have a (somewhat) inflammation of the ovary.

2. Massage every painful point using the pencil I the following way:

Press the painful point using the pencil, in duration of 5-7 minutes, and gradually increasing the pressure. While applying pressure onto the point, spin the pencil clockwise. You can locate the same painful point on the other hand as well, which means you can alternately massage it.

Practice this massage several times a day. After the first 5-7 minutes, the pain will completely disappear.

3. If you do not bleed normally, have that scantily bleeding, warm painful the points

After the massage, the process of heating the points is done immediately. Take a small plastic bottle, fill it with hot water and close it tightly. Then, hold the bottle to the point that you have massaged. Keep it onto the point for about 5 minutes after each massage.

Also, you mark this area of the palm with a red marker, because in the treatment, according Su Jock method, colors play an important role.

4. If you have very heavy bleeding, use ice to cool the point – uterus

Put an ice cube directly on the area of the palm which is connected uterus. Also, it is good to mark this area with a black marker. This will reduce the bleeding.

5. Get rid of PMS

If you constantly experience painful menstruation cycle and bad mood at the time, reduce irritability and unpleasant mood swings, by heating the points that correspond to the uterus and ovaries 2-3 days before the critical period.

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