Strengthen You Immune System Within 15 Seconds With The Simplest Method


Known Chinese therapy specialist recommends a simple and effective method for boosting the immune system up: a short flap with bare feet in cold water.

Even though showering and bathing in hot water is more comfortable, cold water provides many health benefits.

People who take a cold shower every day for 2 minutes rarely suffer from colds. Cold shower refreshes and energizes the body. Cold water provides better blood flow, stronger beats and deprives the body from fatigue.
Also, cold water stimulates the production of norepinephrine, a chemical substance that secretes neurons and has antidepressant properties. If you shower with cold shower you will alleviate stress and your mood will be improved.


At night, fill the bath or basin with cold water and dab with bare feet in it for 10-15 seconds. Then put on wool socks. Repeat this every night.
Your immune system will improve significantly. Having a cold is a good reason to urgently strengthen the immune system. In order to do this, repeat this procedure on every 4 hours.
No need to fear if you are going to worsen the situation or not, on the contrary, this is a “tempering” of the body that will strengthen your immune system.

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