Soothing Rheumatic Arthritis’ Symptoms With A Simple Russian Remedy


Rheumatic arthritis is a common disorder that occurs as a result of inflammation of the cartilage that connects the two bones. Infection, metabolic disorders and trauma are some of the main causes the occurrence of inflammation of cartilage. The disease is associated with pain and stiffness of the bones that gradually expanded throughout the body.

In order to soothe the pains, but also to prevent its spreading, you need to practice the following Russian medicine, which, of course, contains vodka. Actually it is a tincture made of vodka and clover.

Fill a half-liter bottle with red clover and add vodka. The clover should be covered with vodka all the way. Let the mixture stand still for 10 days. After that, you need to do a compress onto the affected area in order for the pain to disappear.

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