Simple And Easily Available Drinks Which Can Relieve Us From Different Upsets


Many problems, that tend to overload our body, can be solved very easily and simply with these few drinks we are about to present to you.

  1. Water and baking soda against gases and bloating

In these kinds of situations, dissolve little bit of baking soda in some water. This drink will help you a lot. If you do not have baking soda you can use mineral water as a substitute.

  1. Green tea and grapefruit juice for weight loss

We all know that green tea is a great beverage when it comes to accelerating metabolism. Feel free to drink up to 4 glasses a day. Grapefruit juice may help you with fat loss. If you want even better results, eat half a grapefruit with every meal.

  1. Honey beverage for expectoration

Honey is excellent ally for throat treating and infections associated with upper respiratory tract. Honey is a natural sweetener that causes increased secretion of saliva and accelerates cough.

  1. Water/Chocolate milk for body recovery

Do not forget to corroborate your body with water after exercise or hard work. No other drink will recover your body the way water does. On the other hand, chocolate milk can raise blood sugar and give additional protein from the milk.

  1. Warm milk/Chamomile tea for good night sleep

Drink a glass of warm milk or chamomile tea with honey as a sweetener. Milk contains tryptophan, an amino acid which has calming properties. This amino acid also contains calcium which helps the brain to use tryptophan. In addition, psychologists have concluded that drinking a glass of warm milk on a daily basis can act beneficially on our psyche.

  1. Lemon tea or hibiscus tea with a piece of lemon in it for mood improvement

After a hard day, drink some lemon tea or hibiscus tea with a slice of lemon. Your mood will improve significantly.

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