Shock To The Organism – Here Is What A Cup Of Coffee, On An Empty Stomach, Can Do To Your Body!


A cup of coffee on an empty stomach is huge shock to the entire organism. If you want to avoid this potential cause of health problems, you will need to do some things before drinking it.

“Is coffee healthy or not”, is a frequently asked question. This beverage, which is favorite to many, can give you numerous health benefits. However, you should pay attention to some details. One of those details is not to drink it on an empty stomach.

Good, but also bad

It is undeniable that coffee represents a source of antioxidants and is a proven prevention of some malignant diseases, primarily cancer of the colon. Antioxidant properties of coffee are a result of chlorogenic acids found in fruits, say experts. But this beverage’s impact can be quite negative in the human body if you drink it on an empty stomach.

Cup of black coffee on an empty stomach stimulates the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the digestive system. People suffering from gastritis can feel it really quickly. Even people with perfectly healthy stomachs are not spared, because hydrochloric acid is used for decomposition of food. If this acid is reduced, then you will come across difficulties when taking larger meals rich in protein because they will be hard to break down.

Problematic protein

Proteins that remain intact in the body can cause numerous health problems such as bloating, inflammatory bowel disease and in worst case even bowel cancer. Therefore, coffee should be drank an hour after waking up and after you have eaten at least one slice of bread. Remember never to drink coffee immediately after waking up because then the level of cortisol in the body is very high, so you need to wait for it to be reduced. Cortisol is responsible for the control of the biological clock and encourages wakefulness.

A cup of black coffee drank on an empty stomach can case unpleasant burping and sometimes even vomiting. If you are person who does not have a breakfast, and you really need coffee to start your day, you can at least put some milk in it in order to ease its taste.   

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