She Applies Three Aspirins In Her Hair. What Is About To Happen Is Real Madness: You Must Try It!

One of the best- selling pill against pain is aspirin. But, aspirin can do more than elimination of pain. Here are few useful tips for application of aspirin despite its medicinal benefit.

Aspirin was first made from bark of willow and as analgesic has long history. Even the Greek doctor Hippocrates recommended it to his patients against headache.

The active ingredient inside aspirin is salicylic acid, which was for the first time isolated by Felix Hoffman in 1897 while he was working as chemist in Bayer.

Today, its consummation reaches 40, 000 tons which makes the aspirin one of the most commonly used medicines.

Besides reducing the pain, aspirin is good for the following:

Watch this video and share it with your friends because you never know for what you may need it:

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