Round Or Elongated? What Your Face Says About You?


The ancient Chinese believed that the face is the mirror of your inner spirit, while in Europe the medieval beauty was considered synonymous with goodness and ugliness was a sign of malice.

Such data is now regarded as old fashioned, but many continue to believe that there is a relationship between the shape of the human face and features. Nowadays it all comes down to scientific research.

Round face

Individuals with round face are emotional, sensitive and attentive to their relatives and others. Men have strong sexual fantasies and enjoy stable and long relationships.

Square face

Square face is often associated with fire and this is why these people are aggressive, ambitious and want to dominate. Have sharp analytical mind and are very determined.

Oblong face

People with oblong are very practical, methodical and do not find it difficult to continuously work. These people are commonly muscular and athletic, but due to excessive confidence have problems in relationships.

Triangle face

Individuals with such a face are very thin and with seductive body, but also have intellectual abilities. This type of face is associated with creativity and sensitivity, but also with a fiery character.

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