Remove Warts With Natural Medications


Warts are unpleasant growths, which are found in adults and in children. They usually occur onto the hands, toes and neck. Their treatment is long lasting and sometimes can be painful.

Very often occurrence is that after you have got rid of them, warts can appear again or even reproduce in other parts of the body. If you have tried different removal methods, but none of them were unsuccessful, we are about to present a few natural recipes that will surely help you get rid of them.

1. Figs and carrot juice

Mash the figs and mix them well with the carrot juice. The resulting mixture should be paste-like. Place the resulting paste directly on the sore spot. If the warts you are trying to remove are on the hands and feet, put the mixture on gauze and apply it as a face-mask. Let the mixture act for one hour then remove it using water.

2. Fresh garlic

Also, you can make fresh garlic paste which you will need to apply on the wart every night. If the wart is on a place where you cannot put the gauze, it is good to go to bed with the garlic paste on. Wash it in the morning. If the wart is on a person’s neck or face, leave the mask to act for an hour.

3. Fresh pineapple and ginger juice

Make a mixture of pineapple and ginger juice and apply it onto the wart using cotton wool.

4. Castor oil

Castor oil has great impact when it comes to getting rid of warts.

5. Potato

Cut one fresh potato in half. Use one half of the potato to rub the unwanted wart. Cover the wart with dry sand in order to dry it completely. Repeat this procedure for a week if you want to completely get rid of a certain wart.

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