Recipe Written In The Bible: This Powerful And 3,500 Years Old Remedy Cures All Diseases!

The Bible is not just a religious book for the Christians but also an encyclopedia for natural herbal medicine.

The olive tree is an ancient plant that has been used as both food and for its medicinal properties.

It is known for its ability to treat several ailments because of its active component oleuropein. For example its leaves are useful in treating gonorrhea, pneumonia, herpes, tuberculosis, hepatitis B, meningitis and influenza.

The oleuropein in olive leaves have antimicrobial properties and therefore can combat fungi and bacteria infections.

You can also make olive leaves tea and this is great in combating botulism, stomach ulcers, chronic fatigue syndrome, encephalitis, malaria, atherosclerosis, urinary tract infections and diphtheria.

When you consume olive leaves tea you will boost your immune system and in effect strengthen your body and help it fight diseases and infections better.

Here’s a recipe you can try at home today


  • Olive leaves (dried) – 20
  • Clean water – 3 litres

Get your olive leaves in spring and allow them dry out in the sun.

Next put these dry leaves in a glass jar and keep in a shaded and cool place.

Preparation And Use

  • Get the olive leaves in boiling water and allow it to boil for about 10 minutes.
  • Take out the leaves afterwards and allow the tea to cool at room temperature for about 15 minutes.
  • You can add pure natural honey or lemon to the tea if you like.
  • Consume this tea everyday and for a couple of weeks.

You will be extremely healthy as you drink this tea daily.


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