Reasons Because Of Which You Gain Body Weight

1. Hereditary tendency

The tendency toward increasing body weight can be hereditary. In our genetic predisposition it is predetermined what type of body you will have. Having thin mother and thin father does not have to mean that their child will be thin as well. Genes tend to “skip” generations sometimes.

2.Psychological reasons

When we are stressed, angry or frustrated, our brains do not respond appropriately. In such situation, there is an increased need for calories and energy. That problem will be overcome with increased physical activity. Even the simplest exercise done at your home can be very effective.

3.Parenting and personal example

Most often, children unconsciously adopt the habits of their parents. For every child’s health and proper nutrition the mother is most responsible. For example, if your diet is abundant with sweets then do not expect your kids to want to eat cauliflower, cabbage, carrots and so on.

4.Different metabolism

Some people have a very fast metabolism and intake more than 3500 calories a day and not gain weight at all. Others will enter very few calories and they still gain some body weight. Few people have the luck to be able to eat what they want, while not getting fat.


The main rule is: what you have eaten you must spend. Meaning, if you enter 1,000 calories we also have spend them, otherwise, this simple equation loses balance and the other unburned calories will remain or will be converted into fat and build up in the body. In the beginning this excess is deposited on the stomach, thighs, and later, in time it built in the blood vessels, which slowly but surely get older, so at a certain critical age cardio-vascular diseases occur.

6.Bad habits

If you consume a quick breakfast in the morning, consume fatty lunch and you eat too late at night and too heavily then the overnight metabolism and calorie consumption is minimal. With such biorhythm of the diet obesity is inevitable.

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