Read And Find Out What Happens In The Body One Hour After Eating A Hamburger!

Hamburger’s ingredients have effects of addiction. Although you have just eaten the hamburger, you want to eat again because you feel hungry. Do you know why that is?

After eating a hamburger the body goes through a lot of changes.

For example, the burgers from various fast food restaurants have more calories than 100 grams of chocolate and due to fats the body digests it for more than three days.

In addition we will present how the body reacts 10 minutes after you have eaten a hamburger, and 60 minutes after eating it.

10 minutes – The brain craves the caloric foods

Our brains prefer high calorific value because they have devolved in times of food shortage. Casual burger contains 540 calories, and it increases the level of sugar in the blood to abnormal levels. Fast food activates the upgrade in the brain, so we feel comfortable and satisfied. It is very similar to the effects of addictive drugs such as cocaine.

20 minutes – Sugar addiction

Hamburger is loaded with wheat malt and sodium. These two ingredients are addictive and make our body crave for more such food. Furthermore, these ingredients are harmful and can cause diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

30 minutes – Sodium attacks the body

Burgers contain a large amount of salt that stimulates dehydration. The symptoms are very similar to those that occur due to hunger, so we reach for even more food. Kidneys cannot remove the excessive amount of the salt, and thus the state of the body gets complicated. Also this leads to high blood pressure, which eventually leads to heart disease and stroke.

40 minutes – The body wants more

Do you still feel hungry after you eat the hamburger? It is a result of loss of control over blood sugar and thus the body craves for more food. When it comes to fast and unhealthy food, insulin lowers glucose and can even cause more hunger.

60 – minutes – Slow digestion

It takes around 24 to 72 hours for the food to normally digest in the body. However, the process of digestion of hamburgers takes more time because they are fattier. When it comes to hamburgers, the digestion process can sometimes take more than 3 days. Digestion of trans fat lasts about 51 days, and the burger contains 1.5 grams of them.

More researches have shown that trans fats can be associated with diseases of the heart, diabeter, obesity and even cancer.

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