Quit Smoking Using Baking Soda

Smoking is a very bad and unhealthy habit that seriously endangers human health. Cigarettes’ smoke contains numerous carcinogens that are not only harmful to the smoker, but also to passive smokers who inhale the smoke, which mostly are children.

The best thing a smoker can do is quit smoking. He or she will no longer endanger their own health and the health of children. The following folk recipe can help you achieve that:

Put one tablespoon of baking soda and mix it in a glass of water. Mix until the baking soda is completely dissolved in the water.

Each time you need to smoke, rinse your mouth with the resulting mixture.

You can carry this mixture with you, in a small bottle. This way you can use it wherever you go, whenever you need to smoke.

Even more radical solution is soaking your cigarette in the solution. You will lose the desire to smoke very quickly.

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