People With Problematic Skin Should Avoid The Ingredients We Will Present

Coconut oil for alternative therapy

Even though you thing they fit your skin, you do not have an idea how wrong you are.

Coconut oil

Knowing that coconut oil is very healthy, most women use it as a cosmetic product for skin and hair. But this product is not recommended for people with problematic skin because it clogs pores. It is better for those people to use this product in their diet. This way coconut oil will better help their health and appearance.


Products for problematic skin contain alcohol, and experts say that people with skin related problems should avoid alcohol. It dries the skin and causes secretion of serum that causes blockage of the pores.

If you have sensitive skin you should use gentle face skin products that do not contain alcohol.


Algae products are medicinal and gentle to the skin, but they are not recommended for sensitive skin with pimples and clogged pores. If you use such products you will only worsened your skin situation. Read declarations of products before you purchase and avoid the labels such as “Ascophyllum” and “Ulva lactuca”.

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