Parsley Tea And Its Healing Power


Parsley tea has been used long time ago. It was mostly used for regulating and maintaining menstrual cycle and to bring back the womb in its original place after giving birth. Parsley is also used for treating any kind of kidney problems. Parsley tea prevents salt absorption in tissue and this way it protects the kidneys and liver.

In case you have bladder infection or onset of kidney stones it is recommendable for you to drink this tea.

This amazing tea can also prevent and treat colon cancer in man as well as cervical cancer in woman.

Parsley is very rich in folic acid which is very important for the cardiovascular health. It is also rich in vitamin such as A, C and E as well as minerals. Its regular usage contributes to regulating cholesterol levels in the blood. In case you suffer from high blood pressure parsley tea can help you with that problem.

Parsley tea can be used for soothing the intestines, digestion improvement and for getting rid of gases,

Anemia can also be treated with the usage of parsley due to the fact that parsley is very rich in iron.

One of its simpler usages is getting rid of bad breath. In order to get rid of bad breath all you need to do is chew on several parsley leaves.

Preparation of parsley tea:

Add two tablespoons of fresh or dried parsley in boiling water. After adding the parsley, boil the water for another 10 minutes and wait for it to cool down. You can add just a little bit of lemon juice or honey.

You can drink this tea whenever you want to. If you have any of the above problems you should consume parsley tea two times a day. It is not quite recommendable to drink this tea in the evening due to increased urinating which can ruin your sleep.

Pregnant woman should not drink parsley tea because some hormonal influences may occur.

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